Woodward EGS-01

Digital Engine Management System

Part number: VM.2104

Efficiency, performance, and emissions are factors that play a key role in gas engine development. As engine performance improves, the need  for a more accurate and flexible metering system such as an electronic control system is a logical step.

The EGS 01 is a state-of-the-art control module for stationary gas engines. It can be used to control the gas flow in relation to the air flow of an engine, at any load and speed condition. The EGS 01 control is capable of keeping gas engine emissions constant over a longer period of time. And the EGS control is not sensitive to the quality of the gas or the gas pressure and temperature. This is accomplished by the patented gas quality closed loop (lean burn) algorithm and lambda sensor aftercatalyst (lambda=1).

The EGS 01 control can be applied on in-line and V-type engines of any power output, naturally aspirated or turbocharged. The control can be easily programmed with the EGS monitoring program, and it covers the wide range of gas qualities, from landfill gas to propane. Even a significant change in gas quality during normal operation of the engine will be compensated for by the control.



EGS-01 digital engine management system



The EGS 01 control is applicable for stationary gas engines which operate in island mode or in parallel with the utility. The EGS control always works in combination with one or more TecJet controls. In general, the EGS calculates the desired gas flow from the different engine and gas  parameters. This gas flow is transmitted through a CAN link to the TecJet control(s). The TecJet control ensures that proper gas flow is  maintained, regardless of gas pressure and temperature.
The EGS 01 control can be used for:
• Single speed and variable speed engines
• Mono fuel, dual fuel, and variable fuel
• Mono control or stereo control on V-engines
• Engine protection, emissions control, and speed/load control
• ‘V’ and/or inline, 4-cylinder engine types


• Improves engine stability, performance, and efficiency.
• Gas quality closed loop system with EGS/TecJet™ applicable on every generator set, resulting in low emissions without the use of oxygen sensors.
• Reduction of costs due to user friendly system for commissioning, diagnostics, and monitoring.
• Reduced number of parts. One venturi fits all applications and gas compositions.
• Control software, sensors, and the control module will always be the same. Only the size of the actuator is related to the engine output.